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SEO, PPC & Paid S0cial

PPC & Paid Social

Grow your business with targeted search and Facebook Ads. Our proven strategy with Google Ads, Bing Ads & Facebook Ads decreases our clients CPA (cost per acquisition) an average of 30-50%.


Reach your ideal customer at the moment they’re searching for you. We offer both on-page and off-page SEO strategies to help boost your rankings and increase your traffic.

Analytics & CRO

We meticulously track your performance to optimize your campaigns for the best ROI you’ve ever experienced. A/B testing is at the heart of our strategy. 

Learn How We Can Help 5-10x Your PPC Performance

Our PPC & paid social methodology consistently improves our clients paid advertising initiatives by 5x.

We begin with a deep dive into your accounts to find & immediately fix any “leaking buckets.” From there, we’ll begin to restructure your account to get your best ad performance to date. We’ll A/B test audiences, creatives, and more to continue to maximize your advertising performance… we’re not one of those agencies that sets up your campaign and calls the job done! Throughout the process, we meticulously track and report your results.

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Get Better Results

From Facebook & Google Ads, to in-depth CRO consulting, we’ll help achieve your best performance with online advertising. 

Facebook Ads

Full-service Facebook Ads agency based in Fort Collins, CO. We A/B test everything to get you your best results to date.

Google Ads

Google Ads agency specializing in SKAGs. Our methodology consistently improves are clients PPC performance!

Conversion Rate Optimization

A/B test landing pages, CTAs, and more. Our Analytics specialists will ensure we’re accurately tracking the results!   


Boost your organic performance by adding SEO services to any marketing package offered by Mint Metrics. 

Gain Deeper Insights

See all of your marketing stats in one place with our custom reports. Understand your target audiences, best-performing creatives, and so much more. We’ll track all of your results and report back to your actionable insights. Plus, every Monday receive an update about what we’re currently working on in your accounts.

About Rebecca Bowden

Founder & CEO of Mint Metrics

Rebecca has over 8 years of experience in digital advertising and SEO, managing over $2M in paid media in a range of industries. She now specializes helping digital businesses and SaaS companies with search marketing. She also creates business and marketing workbooks for bloggers and soloprenuers launching their own websites. 

She’s based in Fort Collins, CO. When she’s not focused on marketing, you’ll find her skiing or hiking in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.


Our Approach

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we work with every client with a business owner’s mindset. We’ll collaborate with you to make your ideas & dreams come to fruition. We view every opportunity as a partnership with your business.

Our Process

We begin every project with a complete audit of your accounts and marketing funnel to intimately understand your business & goals. From there, we’ll create an in-depth strategy based on where you have the biggest opportunities online.

Our Promise

With Mint Metrics, you’ll feel confident that your ad management is in good hands. We have an obsessive focus on ROI. We’ll only build, launch, and test things that will have a positive impact on your business.  

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